The Black Swan Inn, Tilton, NH

3-11-17 The 555; Black Swan Inn
The 555 @ The Black Swan Inn, Tilton, NH
Saturday, March 11, 2017

6:30pm-12am: Investigation only $89 PAY HERE
5pm-12am: Investigation & Spirit Gallery w/Brandie Wells $109 PAY HERE
5pm-10am, Sunday: Investigation, Gallery & Overnight $149 PAY HERE

Ticket includes: Optional Spirit Gallery, pizza, lecture, tool overview, 5 team leads, free roam through the estate, 11:11pm Table Tipping with Brandie Wells and a DVD mailed to you after event by The Production House!
All Guests will be signing a waiver for investigation and filming. Optional Spirit Gallery for this event.

Optional: “Spirit Circle; Open Forum Messages from your Spirit guides, angels, animal totems, medical intuition and past loved ones. This Spiritual Communication features love and respect as messages are revealed. There is no doubt of the gifts of the medium present. Brandie has a distinctive style and message delivery. Her clients proudly endorse her work, witnessing amazing (time after time) validation and confirmation. You will have no regrets … be certain.

What to expect: Brandie is a clairvoyant and works in many realms with many abilities. She tunes in prior to the spirit circle and receives message from past loved ones, spirit guides, angels and more in her automatic writing. The circle will gather, everyone will be grounded, cleared and brought to a sacred space.

After half hour of what “naturally comes in”. Then, half hour of “calling out” where guests have an opportunity to state a name or ask for psychic messaging to light the way of the now moving into the future”.

The 555; “Seeing Is Believing”

5 Para-Psychics as tour guides, lead investigators, film crew and sensitive Psychic Paranormalists.
5 Hours of Paranormal Investigating at a historic location.
5 Cameras as the Psychics and film crew produce footage for YOUR highlights video. You will be mailed a 45 minute DVD of your investigation by The Production House. This footage is owned by and THE 555.

The Black Swan Inn in Tilton, NH

A charming bed and breakfast and inn located on the Winnipesaukee River that offers 9 very comfortable relaxing guest rooms, a delectable breakfast each morning, freshly locally roasted and ground coffee, beautiful grounds to enjoy along the Winnepesaukee River as well as two screened in porches that are not only very inviting but very relaxing as well! Each room does offer cable TV, air conditioning, WiFi, bottled water and snacks! Free on site parking! We are located within minutes of dining, shopping and many summer and winter activities.

The Black Swan Inn began as the home of Tilton Tweed manufacturer Selwin Peabody, and was later the manor of Arthur S. Brown, whose Tilton Endless Belts were used in the Model T automobile. Today this significant history lives throughout the property, and is echoed in the oak and mahogany paneling, stained glass windows, Chickering & Sons grand piano, formal gardens, and classic breakfast service.

In 2016 this estate continues to be alive with activity! The Swan presents several weddings and private functions each year. With spacious guest rooms, suites, and parlor space, the Black Swan is the perfect venue for intimate gatherings, bridal showers, memorial luncheons and corporate events.

Your hosts John and Trish Basiliere frequently open their doors to the public and local community throughout the year. Their extraordinary get-togethers include tea parties, children’s events, and a renaissance festival every August in which they raise money for the NH Make A Wish!

Meet the Owners
The Basiliere’s became new owners of this historical estate in 2013 and they have dedicated countless hours and true passion to bringing this piece of history back to its original beauty and elegance!

They are also very dedicated in making each and every guest feel like they are welcome, feel at home and provide them with a wonderful relaxing stay!

A Full Breakfast is served each morning and the coffee is their very own blend, locallly roasted and ground fresh each morning. Tea and Coffee are also available in the library in the evenings.

As a better alternative to the hotel chains, we always take pride in our personal service, attentiveness, and genuine concern for the comfort of our guests. Relaxing hospitality awaits you in our home away from home! Let us also be your first choice for small meetings and gatherings: this intimate setting is perfect for everything from boutique weddings, vacations, class reunions, family reunions and guest accommodations for weddings in the area!

Our History
The Black Swan Inn is located on the former Peabody Brown Estate in Tilton, NH. This Estate was home to Arthur S. Brown inventor of Tilton Woven Endless Belts which got the attention of Henry Ford and were later used in his Model T’s. Friends and visitors include Harry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and Thomas Edison. The historical significance of this property can be appreciated in the magnificent condition and ingenuity still present in this original Industrial Age home. Even the formal gardens and Arboretum have the touch of the Olmstead brothers who were famous for creating Central Park in New York City. Come visit us today and go back to history as it was.

The Endless Belt Story

In the Tilton Belt building in 1912, Arthur S. Brown commenced production of the first Seamless, continuous woven drive belt. This technological innovation powered American industry for the next century.

Arthur S. Brown was a young telegrapher for the Boston and Maine Railroad when he arrived in Tilton a few years before the turn of the century. He fell in love with a local woman, Belle Peabody, whom he married in 1898, and became associated with Tilton Woolen through his wife’s family connections. In 1912, Mr. Brown opened his own company and began the production of endless belts for use in automobiles. The fortunes of Mr. Brown and his company would be forever changed by his Yankee ingenuity and the ingenuity of his employees.

Ludovic Shiatte went to work for Mr. Brown in 1916 as a shop worker and eventually advanced to the position of overseer and plant superintendent. In 1922, Mr. Shiatte began work on the design of an endless belt that would have no stretch to it. He collaborated with Mr. Brown and the company’s bookkeeper, Gertrude Knapp, in connection with his design and the culmination of their work was the endless power transmission belt described in United States Patent No. 1,545,206, which issued on July 7, 1925.The endless power transmission belt of Patent No. 1,545,206 was manufactured by forming a loop having a desired size from a strand of twine, string or yarn and then winding another strand of string or yarn around the loop until the body of the belt was built up to the desired size. The key to this winding operation was to maintain a constant tension on the strand being wrapped around the loop so that the entire body of the belt would be under uniform tension. Once fully wound, the body was wrapped with a tape covering and stitched together in a certain manner in order to obtain the desired shape. If a belt having a round cross section were desired, the belt would be stitched transversely at a number of locations around the belt. If a belt having a v-shaped cross section were desired, the belt would be stitched at only three locations so as to form a triangle.

The belts produced by the Arthur S. Brown Manufacturing Company came to be known as Tilton Endless Belts and were used extensively by Henry Ford, most notably in the Model T. In fact, it was rumored that Ford was so impressed with the belts that he wanted to buy the company. Mr. Ford visited Tilton in the 1920’s along with two similarly famous traveling companions; Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone, and toured Brown’s factory. It is ironic that Ford later ended his relationship with Mr. Brown when Firestone starting making rubber V-belts. However, the relationship did help to reverse the fortunes of the Arthur S. Brown Manufacturing Company